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The Cooke Group

Today’s business environment is fast paced, disconnected. Communication occurs in 30 second sound bites or 140-character messages. Today’s business issues are too complicated and complex to be trusted to brief exchanges of information and ideas. Real answers to difficult problems cannot be solved without effective interaction. We bring people together, communicating effectively, to solve problems and enhance performance.

At the forefront of all our communication work is teaching others to listen, to Selflessly Listen. It’s about engaging in a learning process to truly understand issues, obstacles, and expectations from an open perspective while building trust and connection with clients, partners, and leaders. This process facilitates change, minimizes risk and mistakes, and strengthens internal and external relationships.



Dave Cooke is a business strategist and executive coach who excels in chaotic business situations. Throughout his career, Dave has transformed many business organizations from barely surviving to thriving, growing enterprises.

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