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Can You Be An Expert Without Telling Them How Smart You Are?

Everyone loves to be the expert in the room. Until you uncover what you don’t know, you are only sharing wisdom based on what you do know. Learning from others provides information not otherwise available to you. This information is necessary for you to provide a complete and valued solution to a difficult problem.

Giving Permission Vs.

Giving Orders

How many businesses are filled with task driven managers who leverage fear to get tasks accomplished or to drive results? This article explores the impact of collaboration and engagement to effectively get work done, and the environment it creates.

Killing A Relationship Is Pretty Easy If You Are Not Credible

Nothing destroys a relationship quicker and in a more profound way than losing credibility. Trust is the cornerstone of all great relationships. In today’s business environment, far too many people are focused on immediate self-gratifying outcomes and activities, which often hinders authentic, honest interactions.

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