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We Build Business Communities That Listen

Executive Coaching

Every leader has those moments where they feel isolated, alone, looking for a resource to safely, authentically share their challenges. Through Selfless Listening, I facilitate a learning environment, not to give advice, but help guide you through a process where you hear the answers in your words to find solutions to your challenges.

Executive Coaching
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Speaking and 


Selfless Listening changes everything. Through our speaking programs, I introduce powerful listening skills to organizations, teams, and small groups. Our objectives in these workshops are building connection, improving communication, and enhancing collaboration – to get everyone interacting.

Speaking and Workshops


“Stop Telling and Start Listening” is a live radio show, hosted by David Cooke. The show broadcasts live on Mondays at 11AM Pacific and 2PM Eastern and is also available anytime as a podcast through most popular podcast apps.


“Stop Telling and Start Listening” offers listeners an opportunity to sit in on a learning conversation, over “coffee”, with David Cooke and his guest.


In these conversation David engages his guests in a relationship building conversation as they share their stories, including their beliefs, experiences, or purpose, and how they influence their life and activities today.


David sees this program as an opportunity for his listeners to join him in “learning about interesting or controversial subject matter, while also discovering how to have engaged conversations with anyone, even with those individuals or viewpoints we may not agree or be comfortable with.”

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