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We Build Business Communities That Listen

Executive Coaching

Every leader has those moments where they feel isolated, alone, looking for a resource to safely, authentically share their challenges. Through Selfless Listening, I facilitate a learning environment, not to give advice, but help guide you through a process where you hear the answers in your words to find solutions to your challenges.

Executive Coaching

Speaking and 


Selfless Listening changes everything. Through our speaking programs, I introduce powerful listening skills to organizations, teams, and small groups. Our objectives in these workshops are building connection, improving communication, and enhancing collaboration – to get everyone interacting.

Speaking and Workshops


I am a parent on a ten-year journey with a child’s heroin addiction. This journey has been both the worst of parental experiences and the greatest transformational gift. I created this non-profit organization to help parents navigate the chaos of a loved one’s substance abuse issues in the hopes they too can find hope and love despite the chaos and despair in their world.

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