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Three Leadership Workshops that Impact and Inspire 

Building Communities that Listen

"Redefining Outcomes by Changing the Conversation"

Building Communities that Listen, introduces participants to the impacts of shifting their communication behaviors to build trust, solve problems, and facilitate change. The core focus of these listening behaviors is “Selfless Listening”, a commitment to comprehend another person’s worldview, without judgement, criticism, or experiential filters, to discover how their perspective influences and defines their behaviors, decisions and outcomes. The objective for this program is to improve communication, enhance collaboration, and facilitate better engagement to enhance relationship development and strengthen teams.

The Authentic Leader

"Once I Stopped Telling & Started Listening, Everything Changed"

The Authentic Leader, introduces participants to the critical behavioral commitments for building trust, facilitating authentic interaction, and leading others. Today’s business leaders are overrun with perceptions and definitions of what constitutes an effective leader. Leadership is not defined by a set of exemplary character traits or roles to be emulated, but on an individual’s impact on others through a series of authentic and consistent interactions that inspire and build trust and encourages others to confidently and willingly follow.

Know Your Marlin

"Strategically Capturing the Customers You Want"

Know Your Marlin, is a comprehensive strategic program which brings intensified focus to the business development and selling process. While many businesses focus on the acquisition of new business relationships to increase revenues, sustainable revenue growth is most profitably accomplished by effectively leveraging valued, existing relationships, while attracting and converting similarly valuable new customers. KYM facilitates a strategic and tactical process for these sustainable outcomes.

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